Monday, 22 July 2013


Hey everyone (again),

So Sunday's Addistock gig was fantastic. A thoroughly fantastic show with amazing performances at Arena Studios & Gallery, which is an extremely intimate venue, run by extremely lovely folks, who made us all feel extremely welcome, and gave us free chocolate, which for me is an automatic win.

Matthew Latham Photography made the trip up from Birmingham and took a bunch of very cool photos that you can view on his Facebook page by clicking HERE. Oh, and while you're there, give him a 'Like', then go to Katie MalcoMe & Deboe and Annie (Music) and give them a 'Like' too.

I've given you plenty of links to be going on with there, so go nuts. 

Here is one of Matt's photos of me sweating way too much and making everyone uncomfortable in a confined space.

I'll be playing at The Lomax on Sat 27th July, you should definately come to that, so I guess I will DEFINITELY see you then? Good.

Bye for now